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Cooling Water Filtration

تبريد مياه الترشيح  -  Kühlwasserfiltration  -  Filtration de l'eau de refroidissement - فیلتر تصفیه آب خنک کننده

The main problems in the cooling water, the scaling formation, corrosion, biological growth and dirt - dust accumulation. Main reason for scaling formation is hardness substances in the water. Acceleration of the scale formation is caused through solid matter

Corrosion depends on the pH of the water and scale formation on equipment surface. Biological growth is caused by bacteria n viruses in water. High surface area of the solid material provides the necessary environment for biological reproduction and increases growth rate. Dirt and dust accumulation is caused by airborn and suspended solid of make-up water.

The removal of the suspended solid will be carried out generally with the side stream filtration. In side stream Filtration a part of water will be taken from cooling water basin and filtrated. After Filtration will be fed to cooling water basin. The water flow rate in side stream is approximately 3 - 10% of circulation flow rate.

Following equipment is used by enki in sidestream filtration; Self cleaning filters and media filters.

Important point for the choosing of side stream Filtration equipment;

  • Filtration size ( min ve max particle dimension),
  • Self cleaning function or automatic operation,
  • Easy operation,
  • Backwash water loss,
  • Maintenance
  • Required place,
  • Energy consumption,

Advantage of cooling water filtration

  • No clogging in heat exchangers and pipes
  • Lower maintenance cost and duration
  • Reduced chemical consumption,
  • Working with high concentration rate,
  • With clean surfaces of heat exchanger increase the heat transfer,
  • Less blowdown,

The following equipment will be used by enki ;

  • self cleaning filters
  • media filters.

It is possible with media filters to remove the particles until 10 micron.