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Package Water Treatment Plant

حزمة محطة معالجة الميا  Paket Wasseraufbereitungsanlage  -  Paquet de traitement d'eau - کارخانه تصفیه آب کانتینر
enki’s package water treatment plant (Compact water unit) is used to treat surface water supplies for the removal of suspended solid, color and coliform with classical water treatment process. Our package water treatment plant is pre-assembled in factory and ready to the site.
Package water treatment plant is a compact and standardized unit for treated water demands of the small communities and industries. The plant capacity can be increased by adding skid mounted containerized modules.
Package water treatment plant is mainly consisting of :
  • coagulation,
  • lamella clarifier,
  • filtration,
  • chemical dosing unit ,
  • control panel
  • auxiliary equipment.  
All equipment will be mounted in the container or in skid. At site will be mounted the piping and electrical cabling between container.
For installation required at site:
•  Connection of power (electrical energy supply);
•  Connection of raw water supply;
•  Connection of filtered water distribution and for drainage;
•  Placement of the filter media.
Advantage of package water treatment plant (compact water unit);
•  competitive price 
•  very short delivery time (3-4 months);
•  very short commissioning time (2-3 weeks);
•  require minimal place;
•  easy to operate;
•  easy to transport;
•  require minimal construction works;
•  easy to increase the capacity
•  units can be disassembled and reused
enki design and supply compact water treatment plant according to custom requirement and specific application.